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24-hour Pack

A 24 Hour Pack is an investment in your preparedness for yourself, your family, and your community. The 24 hour pack is a requirement for Ground Team Member (GTM). Do not run out and buy expensive Items that are unnecessary and heavy. Talk to your squadron leaders if you wish to prepare a pack.


  1. Complete ABU uniform
  2. ABU Cover - standard ABU hat may be replaced by a hard hat, knit watch cap, or bright colored cap based on mission needs
  3. Coat for current weather
  4. Notepad (Spiral Pocket “Steno” Pad works well)
  5. Pencil/Eraser & 2 Pens (black Ink)
  6. CAP Identification:
    • Membership card
    • First Aid card, etc.
    • CAPF 101 card
    • CAPF 160 
    • CAPF 161
    • SQTR forms (If “trainee” status)
  7. Money - enough to purchase 1 meal or for emergency
  8. Cell phone (if you have one)
  9. Vest, Reflective, ANSI Class 2
  10. Comb or Brush - optional, carry if needed
  11. Pocket or Utility-type Knife - multipurpose, with can opener. - Swiss Army knives, Leatherman, or Gerber Tools are recommended
  12. Eye Protection (shatterproof sunglasses OK, but also need CLEAR lens for night missions)
  13. Handkerchief or tissues
  14. Ground Team Member’s Handbook (Ground and UDF Team Task Guide)
  15. Signal mirror


Color: Red or Orange but 399th Squadron uses black because it is cheaper to purchase. Web gear is not acceptable. 
First Aid Kit: should be stored in zip-lock bag or a waterproof container, and recommended that it consists (at minimum) of the following:
  • Any personal Medication - Your team leader should know WHAT you have/take and WHERE you carry it.
  • (2) Antiseptic Cleansing Pads
  • Antiseptic Ointment (Neosporin, etc.)
  • (6) Band-Aids, various sizes
  • Moleskin, 2” X 4”
  • Roller Bandage
  • (2) Safety Pins, large
  • (4) Gauze Pads
  • Triangular Bandage
  • Tape, first aid
  • (2 sets) Rubber Medical Gloves (Latex/Vinyl)


Stored in zip-lock bag or a waterproof container, consisting of:
  • (2) Chemical Light Sticks, Green (T)
  • (12) wooden, waterproofed matches (T)
  • Match container, waterproof, with striking surface
  • 50 feet of nylon line (para-cord or similar)
  • 5-10 feet Duct tape - does not need to be an entire roll
  • Large leaf bag or garbage bag


Stored in zip-lock bag or a waterproof container, consisting of:
  • Change of socks 
  • Spare flashlight (penlight okay)
  • Tissue Paper 
  • Work Gloves, leather 
  • Cell phone or change for phone calls to contact mission base
  • Flagging tape, 1 roll
  • Flashlight (w/ red or blue lens)
  • Spare bulb
  • Spare batteries
  • Insect repellent
  • Lip balm, w/ sunscreen.
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Interviewing form(s), blank
  • (4) Moist towelettes, clean, in foil wrapper


  • Canteen(s) or Camelbak to carry 2qts of water - at least 1qt of water must be carried by all personnel
  • Compass: lensmatic or orienteering (orienteering preferred)
    • Compass Pouch, containing compass
    • Compass should have a “glow in the dark” dial
  • 2 meals 
  • Shelter Material, preferably 8’ X 10’
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