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Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT)

ICUT is an essential part of all ES qualifications

Members w/ ICUT


Members w/o ICUT


as of 6-22-2020

Watch all ICUT videos and schedule your practical exam

  1. Introductory Communication User Training (ICUT)
  2. Use the AXIS learning page on eServices Learning Management System (LMS)
  3. Log onto eServices here
  4. Once logged in, access LMS
  5. In LMS, click on the Go to AXIS button at the top
  6. Search for ICUT in the Course Catalog tab and click Enroll
  7. Return to the Main Portal tab and complete the course and associated quizzes
  8. Watch all videos in OP1, T1 and OP2
  9. Take the course survey
  10. Schedule a practical with LT Waldron, CAPT Pedone, or CAPT Proulx via email

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